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by | 17 Aug, 2020 | Sewing

Ten Great Kids Sewing Sites

I want to give you a list of great kids sewing sites because great resources for kids who want to sew are a little hard to find. I believe sewing is such an important skill, even if it is just to repair your own clothes to extend the life of them and reduce their ecological impact. Building sewing confidence in people when they are young is such a gift.

A search for “kids sewing” or “sewing for kids” brings up heaps of fabulous resources for making stuff for kids but what if the kids want to do the sewing themselves? Here is a rundown of the best ten sites I have found to support kids learning to sew and their supervising adults – sewing with kids, not for kids!

Teaching Kids to Sew

Kids Sewing Projects

Kids Sewing Projects is a full website devoted to kids learning to sew. It sets out a skill to practice and then leads you to a project to further practice that skill. The projects are also categorised so you can jump straight to a list of projects for boys for example. This is an excellent resource to bookmark!

Make It & Love It

Make It & Love It is a great spot for everyone who wants to learn to sew but has a special series on teaching kids to sew.

Crazy Little Projects

One of my favourite sewing sites is Crazy Little Projects and Amber’s projects include other crafts and recipes too. She has a great general sewing tuition on her site and a section dedicated to kids learning to sew. Well worth checking out.

Kids Sewing Projects

Sew A Softie

Sew a Softie is dedicated to inspiring “adults around the world to sew with the kids in their lives”. Nothing could be more appropriate for this post. There are lots of handsewing projects to enjoy on this site.

Skip to My Lou

Skip to My Lou is a site with a wide range of things to do and make to “make memories with your family and friends”. She has gathered together a lovely range of sewing projects for kids.

Free Kids Crafts

Free Kids Crafts has heaps of activities for kids, as you would expect. A wealth of creative activities, in fact, that will keep you going until your child leaves home! Under the Sewing Projects section is a long list of projects with fabric – not all of them involving sewing however! There are several ‘no-sew’ projects but also items to hand sew and things to make with the sewing machine.

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Activity Village

Similarly Activity Village has what seems like an inexhaustible resource of activities for kids. They have a section for Sewing Crafts which provides lots of ideas for making things particularly with felt. Most are hand-sewing projects so a great resource if you do not have easy access to a sewing machine. Learning hand sewing skills – including sewing on buttons – is a great life skill!

Round-Up Posts of Projects for Kids

The remainder of my links for you are round-up posts linking to a variety of easy projects not directly aimed at children but that are easy and appealing for kids. You will see some overlap between these with different pages linking to the same great projects.

Disney Family

A search on Disney Family for “sewing” yeilds a dizzying array of cute projects for kids.

So Sew Easy

Another site I have linked to before, So Sew Easy has a long list of projects for kids.

Sew Can She

Sewing site, Sew Can She, has a list of sewing projects for kids which includes un-paper towels which appeals very much to my sustainability values! Getting the kids involved in sustainability efforts is another powerful lesson.

Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art is a site I have visited many times for lovely, easy kids projects. She has a round-up of sewing projects for kids there too.

As well as these round-ups, don’t forget my own round-up of Ten Things to Sew with Boys. I find that there is so much in the sewing world with a very feminine flavour. This doesn’t interest everyone but I think all kids, at one stage or another, are interested in learning to use a sewing machine. This post was my attempt to redress the balance a little!